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Questions & Answers

What are the most important considerations regarding my investment in remodeling my basement?

Choosing a competent contractor with specific basement experience because of the unique conditions and options available. It is critical that the contractor be licensed (required by law) and insured to eliminate any number of issues for which you could be liable.

How important is the planning?

Although every project should start with a specific plan, especially if there are special needs or issues, your contractor should be flexible enough to address changes as the project progresses. Thought should be given to the immediate and long term usage of the the area so as to plan for the right number and position of plugs, lights and switches. Water problems should of course be resolved before the project starts.

What about the materials used?

BASEMENTS ONLY utilizes steel framing which is commercial code because it doesn't warp, rot, burn or attract moisture or insects. And our traditional drywall, finished with a new dustless process provides a seamless, easily repaired surface unlike the so-called basement "Systems" being offered that are limited in structural and decorating flexibility.  They are also quite a bit more expensive and look like a house trailer when finished.  We also provide 6 panel doors, 2 x 2 ceiling panels or drywall ceiling with recessed lighting.  Other important features include how the windows are finished as well as post and stairwell treatments. All included in our price.

Why should I choose BASEMENTS ONLY to finish MY basement?

First of all, you should be comfortable with who will be in your house. We do not hire out various aspects to the lowest bidder.  Because we only work one job at a time, our experienced crew stays on the job until it is finished, thus minimizing the time to complete the job - usually 3-4 weeks. Also, we have been in the business since 1987; experience counts! We strongly suggest contacting any of the references we are glad to furnish to determine trust, cleanliness and professional results.  You will find that we are seldom the lowest bidder, but receive the highest marks.

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